Friday, April 07, 2006


I overlooked some rather important news in my last post. Last week our van was broken into TWICE! Yes twice! Between both robberies ALL of our power tools were taken. Most of them were Hilti's. Our overnight bags likewise. Clothes, razors(new), toiletries and, tragically, my copy of DBC Pierre's new book.
All this personal shit has a fraction of the value of the drills but is somehow more upsetting. This all happened more than a week ago but I am still ENRAGED!!! Anybody out there considering buying stolen tools-think twice.It could be you.I hope these fuckers get PILES!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well dear readers,I have been remiss.Weeks of info to impart, so I shall be brief. Our exchange student from France has been and gone. He had a fine old time. We brought him to the Dublin parade where we all wore funny hats and froze our nuts off.(Incidentaly, it was the first time the kids had been to the BIG PARADE!)
The great Knocknalour construction project has been frustratingly stop- start over the last while. Not out of the ground yet.My mate Declan's 40th was a quiet but enjoyable affair. (Another one grows the grey.) Attending another 40th on friday.This I suspect will be anything but. ( Quiet not enjoyable!)
What about that smart card fiasco? Nine million down the plughole and counting. It beggars belief! I can%