Tuesday, May 29, 2007

hello again

Sorry again to all of my imaginary blog readers.My excuse is yet again an extreme case of time poverty.The house is nearly finished.We have been to ibiza for my mate Rays wedding to the lovely Audrey.Craaaaazy!The villa was sublime, the company was stimulating to say the least and yours truly got to warble at the ceremony.
Commiserations to all my pro-Scouse pals but they were pure shite up front.Condemnations to a large chunk of my fellow countrymen for the stupidity of voting the same bunch of gobshites into power again.
Ah, Leeds, Leeds, Leeds. I shall weep silent tears. Never a dull moment. ( thats not a relegation; THIS is a relegation.)
By the bye, was at a sports equipment exhibition in Germany last month. Never believed that such a large concentration of well filled lycra could exist outside of California.