Saturday, March 17, 2007


Great craic was had on and off the slopes as the clans Deshoon and Hill decamped to Austria for some high altitude topples and tipples. A bump in the smooth running of this high octane adventure was provided by young master Eoin. He turned himself into a walking cliche by breaking his arm whilst snowboarding.For those who haven't skiied before- go now or go soon. many thanks to the hills for the best of company.( Seriously, watch out for the munchkins.)

Eoin in the "Times"

A great week for clan Deshoon. First off, young master Eoin was interviewed in the Times. Secondly, they published my picture of him with the interview!

rugger heartache

Fair play to the boy's in green. So near and yet so far. ( That tv official must have x-ray vision.)