Friday, March 10, 2006


Astounding news!Blocks have actually been laid and all is right in the world.Couple this with the fact that I played golf today and I could almost die happy.I say almost because played today like a blind camel.
And so to gun crime.Or rather the media furore over 'gun crime'.In this little hooplah I must reluctantly absolve the politicians of all responsibility.The problem lies with the judges.Bluntly speaking they are morons.
I have personally witnessed judges handing out suspended sentences to lowlives on their twentieth offences.Need I say more.Hang 'em high.
What a match on wednesday.I am not an arsenal fan but Henri could be the best footballer I have ever seen.PLEASE GOD LET THE BOYS IN GREEN WIN TOMORROW.


Jonathan said...

Nice to see you blogging John - please keep it up!!

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